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The mission of Windy City Opera is to enrich the artistic life of our community and to provide emerging vocalists with opportunities for making the transition from academia to professional opera companies.



We hold performances in small, non-theater venues throughout the Chicago area, helping to make high-quality operas accessible and affordable to people in our neighborhoods. Our performances are aimed equally at novice opera attendees and long-time opera devotees. Simple and minimal staging puts primary focus on the music itself.



We select singers for leading and supporting roles based on their exceptional talent, training, and professionalism. Windy City Opera presents all operas in their original languages (with English subtitles), enabling performers to hone and develop their skills at performing in those languages.



We hope to inspire and delight with each one of our performances, and look forward to seeing you at future productions—both by our own company and by other companies in the Chicago area!


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